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The Museum of Korean Modern Literature was founded by the holding of hands of the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture and Incheon Metropolitan city, making it a first Multi-Public Literature Museum of its kind in Korea

Incheon is a city that has opened its port. After its opening in 1883,
there was a major influx of western modern culture.
Also Incheon is a harbor city. Through Incheon's port, domestic and
international products have been outgoing and incoming.

Around the port, many warehouses that stored such products are still seen today.
Most buildings are a hundred or more years old.
The Museum of Korean Modern Literature was an early warehouse that was recently remodeled.
The plan was to be able to access modern literature in a warehouse at a historical port.
At The Museum of Korean Modern Literature you are not only able to see important pieces of literature,
but you are also able to experience Korea's modern literature in various ways.
Literature is a basic component of a culture's society and history.

Seeing Korea's vast modern literature collection will be
a way to get to know the basis of Korean culture.
We hope that you will be able to meet our culture's foundation at
Incheon's Museum of Korean Modern Literature.
The Museum of Korean Modern Literature exhibits permanent as well as special exhibitions,
holds literature and humanities classes for students and adults,
preserves and collects documents pertaining to Korean literature,
holds the AALA Literature Forum, publishes the culture-review publication 『Platform』 and
runs a publications business.

The Museum of Korean Modern Literature is open to everyone
who is ready to learn and enjoy themselves. We happily await your visit.