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The Museum of Korean Modern Literature


Visiting Hours



Visiting Hours 10:00 ∼ 18:00
Closing Hours Closed on Mondays (except Mondays that are holidays-the next day is closed)
January 1st, Korean New Year's, Korean Thanksgiving / Also any other days which are set by the president of the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture
Questions +82-32-455-7165 (Groups of 20 or more people are advised to make reservations beforehand.)

To protect our valuable cultural heritage, please adhere to the following.

· Do not drink or smoke in the museum.
· Do not take pictures(filming included) in areas that are not allowed.
· Pets are not allowed.
· For a pleasurable atmosphere, food is not allowed in Permanent and Special Exhibition Halls.
· Do not touch exhibitions nor do anything that will harm the exhibit.
· Do not do anything to offend or make visit displeasurable to others.
· Children underage should visit with a guardian.