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Introduction of Architecture

The Museum of Korean Modern Literature is situated in Incheon's Jung-gu area where the atmosphere is multi-cultural and the modern buildings are well preserved. During the Japanese colonial rule era, the Museum of Korean Modern Literature was formerly a warehouse and later used as a Kimchi factory. After 2years of construction, the warehouse building has been renewed to become a museum with exhibitions, education, readings and also experiencing and learning the history / humanities of Korean modern literature.

  • Location : 400 - 022 Incheon City Jung-gu Sinpo-ro 15beon-gil 76
  • Size : 4 buildings (Office building B1~3rd fl)
  • Plottage : 1,064.4㎡ Building Area : 781.14㎡ Total Ground Area : 1,604.9㎡


Warehouse (2009)

Before Construction (2010~2011)

Before Construction (2012~2013)